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A beautiful and very special wedding gift! A large, hinged "triptych" style presentation - approximately  W 16" X H 7 3/4 " X D 7/8".  Image and side tablets capture the essence of a christian marriage.  This is intended as a custom product.  The list price is for the etching, simply finished, with a basic inscription on the back (e.g. names and dates).  Please contact us to discuss wood and finish selection and additional options such as personalized symbols (example shown), dedications, special inscriptions and gold leaf accents (example shown).  Additionally, a smaller (non-hinged) "mother's commemorative" is also available (example shown).

Note: The cherry version shown is currently in stock. It is NOT finished or assembled to accommodate buyers specialization requirements. Each wedding etching is specially hand crafted, so please allow at least 3 weeks for delivery. To accommodate denominational preference, the tablet inscriptions can modified as a custom option.

Marriage "Triptych" for weddings and anniversaries

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